Wayfi­nding Signs

Wayfinding Signs help your visitors find their way around on their own. Give your customers the guidance they need with United Signs wayfinding signs!

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We employ a trained and talented wayfinding signs team staff with years of experience serving communities across the country.


Wayfinding Signs help you find your way around a business, institution, or other physical location. It will direct you from point to point and confirm your progress along a route. This type of signage is especially helpful for:

  • Office and medical buildings; hospitals
  • Educational and financial institutions
  • Tourist attractions
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Malls
  • Retail outlets
  • Car dealerships

Strictly speaking, wayfinding signage is not a form of advertising or promoting; however, it does play an important role in portraying a positive company image.

If you have effective and clear wayfinding signage, your customers will feel comfortable in your building. They will also feel empowered as they will be able to find what they are looking for without having to ask for assistance.

There are four different types of wayfinding signage: identification, informational, directional, and regulatory.



Keep it simple: All of your wayfinding signage should be easy to read and understand. You should be able to glance at a wayfinding sign and know what it says and means within seconds.

Coordinate it: All of your wayfinding signage should be designed to work together.  Here are some examples of what we mean:

Identification signage should tell you where you are so you can follow directional signs to where you want to navigate to.

Your directional signage should easily take you to where you are going and then your identification signage should tell you that you have arrived.

Your regulatory signs should keep you out of the areas where you are not allowed to go while you are following your directional signage.

Your informational signs in conjunction with your regulatory signs will guide your behavior while you are in the facility.

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